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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Favorite Halloween Party Snacks

There are so many fun Halloween party snacks on Pinterest.

I have decided to post my winner and runner up.

This is my favorite one.
There isn't a link but just this photo.

This is my runner up. Easy and healthy. Please click on the picture to go to the original site.

Have fun!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

There are lots of wonderful resources to help kids learn about pumpkins.

I think this YouTube video of the life cycle of a pumpkin is well done.  Please click on the picture below to have a look.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Children Make Terrible Pets

This book is so much fun! Love it!
Children Make Terrible Pets
By Peter Brown

Don't miss out on reading this book to your students. They will enjoy listening, giggling, and asking questions about it. (Ex.: Why does the bear have square ears?)

Book Synopsis:
Lucy is a young bear. She finds a critter in the forest.  The critter is a young boy.

She decides to take him home and make him her pet. But Lucy's mother is not happy.

Then Lucy's mom relents under one condition, Lucy takes the responsibility of taking care of this new pet.

Lucy agrees and names the critter, Squeak. They become inseparable and do everything together.

One day Squeak disappears. Lucy is devastated and goes on a hunt to find him.

Lucy finds Squeak but something has changed. Squeak is enjoying a picnic with his family. She realizes that Squeak belongs to his family.  Lucy learns a valuable lesson.

After reading this book a zillion times. (Just kidding. I told a student that I loved this book and he said, "Are you going to read it a zillion times?" "Yes, of course I am," I replied.)

I put together a comprehension, retelling, craft product to go along with the book.
The question and answer sticks are numbered sequentially so that the story questions are used not only to check comprehension but also to retell the story.

They can be used with whole group discussion, partners, or small group instruction.
Also, included is a fun craft. Students can make a Lucy and take her home to remind them of the story and the lesson Lucy learned.

If you are interested in this product, please click on the picture below to visit my TPT store.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Laugh Out Loud #11

I just love kindergarteners!

Their perspective of the world is so unique.

I was teaching a group of kinders how to write the number 5.

ME:  Draw the stick, draw the tummy, put the hat on. That's how to write the number 5.  Now you try it.

STUDENT:  I'm having trouble.

ME:  Okay. I'll help you. Let's do it together.  Draw the stick, draw the tummy, put the hat on. There, now you try it. Come on, give it a try.

STUDENT:  I'm still having trouble.

ME:  That's alright, just keep practicing. You'll get it.

STUDENT:  Oh brother, this is not high school!

You just gotta love em!