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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

FREE - Narrative Writing - Please Leave a Message

Children love to tell stories. It seems they always have something to say about everything. They want to be given an opportunity to be heard and a place where they can express their thoughts. Writing messages are a perfect way for students to communicate with each other and with the teacher.

Please download and enjoy my writing product, Narrative Writing - Please Leave a Message, for FREE. Available at teachers pay teachers. Please click on the image below to link to it.

There are seven different message pages that have both blackline masters (where students can color the pages) and also color copies. Two types of lined writing paper are provided and two pages of teaching tips.

The other message pages include:
Helpful Hints for Our Classroom,
Message to the Teacher,
Nice Things About Our Classroom (Used at centers or stations.)
The students who are at that center are encouraged to talk to each other and discuss:
Helpful hints that can improve our classroom.
Nice things that are happening in our classroom.
Something that the teacher should know about the classroom or our school (school news only).

Students can pick one paper to complete or students can share one page and combine their thoughts and sentences.

Have a wonderful week!