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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Have You Heard?

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Have you heard that Teachers Pay Teachers is 3 million teachers strong? Wow!
They are celebrating and so am I.
I'm linking up at Blog Hoppin to join in the celebration and spread the word.

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Please come back tomorrow on February 27 and on February 28 to get some great ideas for your classroom.
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Leprechauns Never Lie

The leprechauns are coming!
The leprechauns are coming!
Watch out!
They are cute and fun but . . . they can be a little mischievous and cause some chaos.
But one thing they never ever do is . . . lie.

Lorna Balian's book, Leprechauns Never Lie, is very entertaining and fun to read with an Irish brogue.
Please click on the picture to link to amazon to have a look at the book.
Book synopsis:
Ninny Nanny is a lazy girl who lives with her poor grandmother. Their thatch needs patching. The potatoes need digging. The firewood needs gathering and the water barrel needs filling.

Gram nags Ninny Nanny to do the chores, but Ninny Nanny wants an easy way out.
She decides to catch a leprechaun and use his gold to solve their problems.

Ninny Nanny catches a leprechaun by tripping over him. This leprechaun is very clever. He tricks Ninny Nanny into doing all the needed chores while looking for his gold. She keeps calling him a liar because she can't find his gold.

Finally Ninny Nanny gives up looking for the leprechaun's gold and lets him go. But now Ninny Nanny and Gram can enjoy the fruits of her labor.

So where was the leprechaun's gold? The last page of the book reveals the secret . . . . . .
Leprechauns Never Lie.

Once you have read the book to your students here are some fun follow up leprechaun activities.

I saw this cute torn paper leprechaun craft on Pinterest. Easy and fun for your students to make. Please click on the picture to link with I(heart) Crafty Things for directions.

This is a fun Shenanigans game from Mollymoo Crafts. Please click below to link.

Growing Shamrock Sprouts on a sponge is a great science lesson. Please click below to link to website Housing a Forest.

If you would like to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store I have 2 products that might help with your St. Patrick's Day classroom lesson planning for March.

Leprechaun's Never Lie - Comprehension Question & Answer Sticks & Craft
These question and answer sticks are one way to support literacy and stretch student understanding and appreciation of the story, Leprechauns Never Lie by Lorna Balian. Please click on picture to link.

Leprechaun in the Classroom, Reading, Writing, & Art
These lessons include reading a poem and digging deeper into its content by using definitions, rhymes, chunks, spelling, and contractions. Also, included is creative writing, writing a letter to a leprechaun, counting shamrocks, fun artwork, a day by day itinerary of a leprechaun's classroom tricks, and more.

I hope you catch a leprechaun!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Favorite Easy Valentine Party Snacks

I love desserts!
Some are healthy and some are not.
But I don't care. I can eat dessert anytime and anyplace! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Here are some of my favorite easy Valentine party snacks that are great for the classroom or at home party.

Please click on the picture below to have a look at the delicious Pink Valentine Popcorn! It's an easy and quick recipe.

The sweet and salty taste of Pretzel Buttons.  Chocolate and pretzels, yummy! Please click below.

And last but not least, No-Drip Pops made with jello. Delicious! Please click below.

Happy Valentine's Day!