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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of the School Year!

Happy - Sad as the school year ends!  Mixed emotions - both for the students and the staff member that is leaving.
Here is an inspirational thought to everyone that works with children.

Here is a thank-you from all the ordinary children you have taught -
because for you none of us was ordinary.
You told us that each of us was utterly unique - 
that no one quite like us had existed since time began.
That each of us was an absolute necessity in the whole design -
a knot of gold, a flash of crimson, a dazzle of peacock, a gentleness of green.
That we should be proud to be ourselves.
And so we are.
And walk through the world with a firmer step - because of you.

By Pam Brown

Thank you for a wonderful school year!

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