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Monday, August 27, 2012


Everyone likes to be first!  First one in line for the sales, first one to the bathroom, first one to get their driver's license, first one to be seated at a restaurant, and so on, and so on.  How does it work when you have a classroom full of students who all want to be first.  What do you do?

Read the fabulous book:
Me First
by Helen Lester

Pinkerton (a pig) would do anything to be first, even if it meant to be rude to others. He was the first one down the slide, first one at story time, first one in the trough-a-teria (cafeteria), and first one on the bus.

One day the Pig Scouts went to the beach. Pinkerton was the first Pig Scout to jump in the water and of course, the first Pig Scout to dive into the picnic basket.

As the Pig Scouts marched across the sand Pinkerton heard a voice say, "Who would care for a sandwich?"  "Oh yes, me first!" said Pinkerton. At a full gallop Pinkerton was the first one to find a Sandwitch not a sandwich. Since he agreed to care for a Sandwitch, she put him to work doing crazy, funny things. Pinkerton learned a valuable lesson: First was not always the best!

Click on the blackline master below. It will link you to teachers pay teachers where you can download a free copy from Picture Book Reviews With Writing Connections. Make enough copies for your students.  After reading the book to your students have a class discussion about what Pinkerton learned from the Sandwitch.

Then have a class discussion about how to solve any "Me First" problems that might arise or have begun in your classroom.  Write the students' responses on chart paper.  Then hand out a Me First paper to each student to complete using the responses from the class discussions.
There are two types of writing lines.

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