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Monday, September 10, 2012

Love Purple! - The Author with the Fancy Purple Pen

Anyone who knows me, knows I love the color purple. It's such a happy color!
I wear purple clothes, I've painted rooms in my house purple, I have purple jewelry, and I love to write using purple pens.

So one of my teacher friends found this little reader and gave it to me.
The Author with the Fancy Purple Pen
By Rozanne Lanczak Williams

This book is written in rhyme.

Miss Lucy (the teacher) has a student, Jenny, who does not want to write. So Miss Lucy calls the principal, a teacher friend, and the author with the fancy purple pen to help. The principal, teacher friend, and author (with the fancy purple pen) encourage Jenny to write. Jenny ends up writing in her journal every day!

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After reading this book to my class I thought it would be fun to make a purple writing center/station. We first had a class discussion about pages 15 & 16 in the book, things to write about.  We made a chart with the title: Things I Care About and Know About. Then the students brainstormed things they would like to write about using a purple pen. It could be about something purple or any topic of their choice.

I bought purple pens and purple feathers. The pens are from amazon and the feathers from a craft store. (Click on the pen/feather picture to get to amazon.com)
I taped the feathers to the pens. So they sort of looked like the ones in the book. I made copies of the writing paper below. There are two choices of lines and also color copies.

During centers, the students at the purple center first practiced reading the book. Then before writing I told them to carefully think about what they were going to write because pens do not erase. If they made a mistake, draw a line through it and keep on writing.
After they were finished with their writing then they could draw a picture to match. Some students wanted to color their picture using only purple crayons while others chose to use all colors.
Each student got a chance to share their purple writing in front of the class.

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Have a wonderful purple day!

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