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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Laugh Out Loud #9

Time for a little classroom humor.

Imagine first grade students working during center time. One of the centers is learning the months of the year.  There are month cards to put in order, a recording sheet, a month matching game, and some writing paper to practice writing the names of the months.

After center time is over, the teacher gathers up the writing papers at the months center to have a quick look at how the students did. Here is a copy of one of the papers.

Notice how nicely Chloe wrote the months, not in order, but she did her best. Then at the end of her writing she added, "can I eat now."

Ooookay! Kids do say (write) the darnedest things.

Anyway, please come back for a visit on Sunday, May 5, for a very special post. You'll love it!  It's wonderful news!
See you then!

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