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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Word Family Center Work

Teaching word families can become quite boring. So I have decided to spruce up my word family center work. Instead of having the usual onset and rime cards, I have changed my word family worksheets to word family picture puzzles.

There are 2 levels, 6 piece puzzle or 9 piece puzzle. You can use whichever meets the needs of your students.
Here's the brain workout.
First students find and read the picture word hat (using the example from above) in the puzzle. Then they write the missing letter on the blank line that spells hat.
They cut out the puzzle pieces and glue them on the recording sheet to make a hat picture. Great eye-hand coordination practice.
Find and read the 10 __at family words. Pick two __at words and write sentences using those words. Color the picture. The last part they find and read a mystery __at word.
Lots of good practice to hear, see, and use word families in reading and writing.

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