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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turkey Trouble

This is one of the best, funniest, turkey picture books around. I really enjoy reading it to kids.

Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano
It is available on amazon. Please click on the picture to link.

Turkey is in trouble. Bad trouble. The kind of trouble where it's almost Thanksgiving . . . and you're the main course. But Turkey has an idea - what if he doesn't look like a turkey?
What if he looks like another animal instead?
After many hilarious attempts, Turkey comes up with the perfect disguise to make this Thanksgiving the best ever!

After you have read the book to your students. (At least 50 times! Ha, ha!)
Follow up with an art activity.

I know many teachers send an outline of the turkey home and have their students decorate or disguise the turkey then bring it back to school to share or hang them up in their classrooms. Great idea!

I prefer to put a copy of the turkey at an art station and let the students complete the project of disguising the turkey during class time.

At the art station I put out crayons, markers, wiggly eyes, stickers, scraps of ribbon, scraps of construction paper, buttons, cotton balls, scissors, glue, and anything else I think might be fun to use.

I like listening to the students as they interact with each other and talk about all the possibilities of disguising their turkey.

Below is my sample. I used crayons to color the turkey and foam flower stickers to decorate it.

If you would like to print out a free copy of the turkey paper please click on the picture below.
It will take you to teachers pay teachers where you can download a free copy from Picture Book Reviews With Writing Connections.
Happy Thanksgiving!
P.S. Please read my post from last year about Turkey Claus, Wendi Silvano's second Turkey book. Please click on the picture.

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