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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

This wonderful, heartwarming story is one of my all time favorites. It's a great read anytime of the year, not only on Valentine's Day. Please click on the picture to view the book on amazon.com.

Mr. Hatch is a very drab, unexciting person. He works at a shoelace factory and goes through the same dull routine everyday. He eats the same lunch day after day and never speaks to anyone. He doesn't even smile.

On Valentine's Day Mr. Hatch receives a heart-shaped box filled with candy with a note that reads, "Somebody loves you."

Mr. Hatched is amazed that someone would care about him that he changes his demeanor. Mr. Hatch begins to interact with his co-workers and neighbors. He laughs, he smiles, he helps people, he bakes brownies, he has a picnic and party in his yard. People adore him.

Then the postman arrives and tells Mr. Hatch the heart-shaped box filled with candy was delivered to the wrong address. It wasn't meant for him. That puts Mr. Hatch into a state of depression. He thinks that nobody loves him after all.

Mr. Hatch soon discovers that somebody really does love him. His friends and neighbors rally around him in a loving demonstration of hearts, bows, candy, streamers, a gift, and a huge sign that reads, "Everybody Loves Mr. Hatch."

We all need love and we all need each other!

To  help children understand and connect to the book, I have added a new product to my Teachers Pay Teacher's Store.

Children need to think and talk about what they have read or what has been read to them. So I have created question and answer sticks that support literacy and stretch student understanding and appreciation of the story, Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch.

This product also contains text to self prompts and a cute Valentine Bear craft and Valentine card that students can make and give to someone special in their lives.
Please click on the pictures below to view my TPT product. Thank you.

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