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Saturday, August 16, 2014

World's Best Classroom! FREE

School has already begun for so many teachers. The district I work for starts in one more week, on the 25th of August.

I thought it would be interesting for teachers to get a quick insight into their classroom's morale after the first week of school with this fun FREE writing prompt, World's Best Classroom!

I'm sure many of you read the "first day of school" books and then discuss them. Those stories really help students with some of their fears and nerves.

After the first week or so of school copy the sheet, World's Best Classroom, for your class. Read and discuss the checklist together with your class. Then have your students write about their classroom and what they think of it and then have them explain why. Also, at the bottom of the page students can write about their best part of the day. And of course, they get to draw a picture of their teacher. Fun!

After the work is completed, students can read and share with each other what they have written. The teacher can share a few with the entire class. If there are any problems or worries about what a student has written about the classroom, this would be a great time to address it.

Please click on the picture below to print out a FREE copy at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Have a great day!

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