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Monday, September 12, 2016

FREE - Practicing & Writing Story Leads for Personal Narratives

Friday was a fun day!
I visited a second grade classroom.
The students were very sweet and eagerly waiting for me to present a lesson on writing.

I decided to teach story leads for personal narratives because most students usually revert to writing the "One day" beginning. That is such a boring introduction to a story!

I began my lesson by reading the leads from several trade books and asking the students if they wanted to hear the rest of the stories. "Yes," they shook their heads in agreement. We discussed why they thought those books would be interesting to read after just hearing the first few sentences. . . because good leads have something important and interesting to tell. Good leads attract and invite the reader to continue reading.

If you would like a FREE copy of my lesson(s) on story leads please click on the picture below. It's posted on TPT.

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