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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Diggin' Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have fascinated me every since I was a kid.  It's still the same with the kids today.  Mention dinosaurs and you hear, "Ooooooh, yes!."  They get very excited about the subject.  This week the leprechauns will be leaving back to Ireland on the 17th.  After they leave we are going to start my dinosaur unit called Diggin' Dinosaurs.  There are a lot of Easter activities out there, however, some of the parents in my classroom are sensitive about the holiday and I respect that.  So off we go back into time, the Mesozoic Era.

I found this website: http://millersfossils.com/fossil-replicas.php
Miller's Fossils - you can buy fossil replicas for a great price.  I bought a few of them and my students love studying them!

I'm Diggin' It!


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