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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Science with Raw Eggs

I love science.  Especially when it wows!
Well, this science experiment is guaranteed to wow! Try it with your students and try it with your family. They'll love it.

I found this experiment on the blog, Ordinary Life Magic. She got it from SteveSpangleScience.com.
(You can visit the sites by clicking on the links.)

You will need a pie pan, a raw egg, a toilet paper tube, and a glass of water.
(She also did the experiment with 4 eggs!)
Build your tower and then push the pie pan or tray very fast sideways, out of the way. The pie pan or tray will go flying but the egg(s) will fall straight down into the glass(es) filled with water. Be careful not to hit or move the glasses. It looks amazing!

I've linked to Christephi's video demonstration of it on YouTube so that you can see it in action. Please click on the link to view.

Have fun!
I love the quote by Ms. Frizzle,
"Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!"

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