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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guess the Main Idea

So...... I'm traveling through cyber space and came across this wonderful idea from the blog Joyful Learning.  What a great name for a blog!

I really enjoyed reading her post called, Writing Workshop Main Idea. It's a fabulous way to introduce the topic of main idea, both in reading and writing.

In the picture below, the students put pictures connected to the main idea, recess, in the left circle and pictures not connected to the main idea in the circle on the right. (Please click on the picture to visit her website and read the details.)

In the picture below she had her students guess the main idea. She picked topics she knew her students were familiar with.

She has samples of student work on her post. Please visit her blog and enjoy reading her post.
Thank you Melissa at Joyful Learning for sharing a fabulous idea!

Have a super great day!

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