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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen

"Use your listening ears."
"Put on your listening ears."
How many times have you said that to the students in your classroom. (Too many times or not enough!)

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen by Howard Binkow and Susan Cornelison to the rescue!
This is a wonderful book.
Howard (a rabbit) gets into a lot of trouble for not listening. He feels sad and does not like being alone and in trouble. He makes up his mind to be a good listener and starts making good choices. His life improves and he earns a big yellow star. Hooray for Howard!

The last few pages of the book include tips on how to be a better listener and listening book discussion questions.
(The book is available at a fabulous 60% discount price at wedolisten.org/shop/) Please click on the picture to link.

This is the first book in the award winning series. There are free songs and other free resources that support the book and other books on the website: We Do Listen Foundation at wedolisten.org.
Please click on the picture below to visit their website.

At the end of the story there is summary of the lesson learned, How to be a better listener.

FREE Extending the Reading Experience

I thought it might be fun to add a text to self connection activity.  So I drew a large version of Howard on 4 sheets of paper; ears, head, body and star.  These can be colored, cut out, glued together, and hung up in your classroom.

On Howard's star there is a writing response prompt for the students. They can summarize and personalize what they have learned by responding to the prompt that reads: This is how I can be a better listener.
There are two face pages. One page has a face that is drawn and on the other page the students can draw their own Howard face. Please click on the samples below to get your free copies.

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  1. YAY - we love Howard! Great post; thanks for the writing template.


    1. Hi Barbara,
      You're welcome. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
      Have a wonderful day.

  2. On page one you have Higglebottom? Just thought I'd share.

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know. I have fixed it.

  3. Can you check the link on the extended activity (with the star)? I would love to use this! Thanks!

    1. Hi. I redid the link and it should work now.
      Thank you for letting me know.
      Have a great day!