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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Magic Leprechaun Juice

This is such a cute leprechaun trick idea that I read on Mrs. Goff's Tales blog.
She couldn't find the original website the idea came from and neither could I.
Thank you to whoever came up with this idea. I have added a few of my own twists.

The classroom door opened and the children scurried in. They found tiny green footprints that went from the window (or the door) to the white board. (Footprints can be made by making your hand into a fist. Paint the side of your hand, pinky finger side, with green paint. Stamp it. Then dip your pinky finger into green paint and stamp 5 toes above your first stamp.)

On the classroom whiteboard was a tiny note from a leprechaun that told the children he had hidden a special treat for them somewhere in the classroom. If they searched for it very quietly, they would find it. (Please click below if your would like a copy of the stationery to write the leprechaun letter.)

The kids searched the room and found a bottle of Magic Leprechaun Juice. (Soda, juice, water, or any kind of bottle. Use green food coloring to color the liquid.)

The label on the Magic Leprechaun Juice read, "For Children Only" and a "Warning: If an adult drinks this, his or her feet will turn green." (Please click on the label if you would like a copy.)

The teacher was really curious about whether the drink would change her feet a green color. She hemmed and hawed, but then she finally gave in to the children's chants of, "drink it, drink it", and took a big sip.

The children laughed and giggled and begged the teacher to take off her socks and shoes. So she did. The children were amazed and delighted the the Magic Leprechaun Juice had worked and the teacher's feet had actually turned green! The children talked about it all day long. They even wrote about it.
(Before the students come into the classroom take a paper towel and rub green food coloring on your feet. No worries. It will wash off your feet in 2 or 3 days.

Thank you Mrs. Goff for sharing this idea. Here is a picture of her green feet. Please click on the picture to visit her blog.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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