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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Changes

Spring officially starts tomorrow, March 20.
Celebrate all the things that make the spring season fun!

Begin introducing spring to your students by reading the book, Spring Changes, by Ellen B. Senisi. Even though the book is out of print it is still available for purchase through amazon as a used book.
Please click on the picture.
The photographs in the book are wonderful.
The story begins with the first sign of spring, pussy willows. Then goes on to describe the weather changes, daylight is longer, snow melts, mud and dirt are everywhere.
There are lovely pictures of seeds, roots, flowers, and plants.
"Like magic, plants, change and grow!"

The story continues showing kids planting a garden (cover page) and playing around. There are great pictures of living creatures and baby animals that are born in the spring. The book touches on the holidays that are celebrated and how people welcome the spring changes everywhere.
Then spring slips into summer.

Happy Spring!

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