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Monday, April 6, 2015

My New Sneakers

I LOVE wearing sneakers!
Because they feel so comfy on my feet. My sneakers have a soft cushion that makes me feel like I'm walking on air. My feet feel snug. I can run, climb, walk, skip, and even dance at a moment's notice without worrying about my feet.

This last weekend I went to the Skechers store and bought two more pairs of sneakers. Call me crazy, but I really enjoy wearing them as much as kids do.

So of course I had to write a song about "My New Sneakers" to go along with the children's book I wrote, "The Perfectly Purple Sneakers."

I'm so blessed to have a wonderful son who is a musician. He helped me with the music and together we recorded the song. He has a terrific voice - so he sings the lead and I sing the backup on the chorus.

If you have a few moments put on your sneakers and do a happy dance. Spring is here and the birds are chirping! (New beginnings!)

Please click on the picture below to hear a sample of my song "My New Sneakers." Don't be surprised if your feet start tapping and your body starts to dance. Smile, life is good!

Take Care,

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