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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Black History Month - Ruby Bridges

Black History Month is February 1 through February 28. It is a time to remember the contributions of African Americans in the United States.

Ruby Bridges is an African American who made a difference.  She was a first grade student who was taken out of an all black school and put into an all white school that was closer to her home.

She had to be escorted by Marshals to her new school because people yelled at her to go away.

Parents took their children out of school because she was black.  She was the only one left in her class along with her teacher.

It took months and months before parents brought their kids back to school.  Finally, Ruby had friends to play with at school.

She was so brave. John Steinbeck wrote about her. First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, wrote a letter to her. Norman Rockwell painted a picture of her.

Ruby Bridges is still alive and travels all over the country to tell her incredible story.

The following books tell her story and are available on amazon.

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