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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Presidents Day

There are so many fun crafts, activities, and books available to celebrate Presidents Day.

So I am going to add a writing FREEBIE to the mix. These writing pages can be used with any George Washington or Abraham Lincoln books that are read by the students or by the teacher to the class.

After reading a book or books about Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln make copies of the pages below. There are two types of writing pages that have either primary or intermediate lines. Sample copies are also included. Please click on the pictures below to make copies.

In each of the large boxes have the students draw and label keyword pictures about Mr. Washington or Mr. Lincoln.  For example, for Mr. Lincoln they can draw a book, chains, log cabin, and the number 16.  Have the students number the pictures in order of occurrence in the small boxes.  Then using those keyword pictures write Mr. Lincoln's story on the bottom lines.  (A sample is included in the download.)

After completing a writing sheet on both Presidents then do the Past Presidents Venn diagram.  How are they alike and different?  (A sample is provided in the download.)

Then using the keywords from the Venn diagram complete the summary page.

My favorite books to use for learning and completing the writing pages about Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln are: A Picture Book of George Washington by David Adler and A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David Adler.  Both are available at amazon.  Please click on the pictures for the link.
Happy Presidents Day!

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